Gil Orbach Joy
Scholarship Fund

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About the Fund

Acknowledging Dedication.

The Gil Orbach Joy Scholarship program, established in 2019, provides scholarships to post-secondary students volunteering with Youth Assisting Youth mentorship programs in Toronto and York Region.  These scholarships help students pay for their post-secondary studies and achieve their educational goals.

Scholarships of $1,800 each are awarded every year to at least two Youth Assisting Youth mentors who have given at least 150 hours in supporting, guiding and helping their mentees.  Between 2019 and 2022, Gil Orbach Joy Scholarships were awarded to eleven YAY mentors.

About Youth Assisting Youth?

Youth Assisting Youth (YAY) is a Toronto and York Region non-profit providing youth mentorship programs that transform the lives of at-risk and newcomer youth through the power of mentorship. YAY pairs volunteer mentors aged 16-29, with youth aged 6-15 to engage in activities aimed to develop mind, body, character, and leadership skills.

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Who the Fund Represents

Commemorating Passion.

Recognition and financial support are important to youth generally, and in particular also to our scholarship award recipients. But what really makes this program so special is what it represents, or more importantly, who it represents.

The program and scholarships commemorate, represent and continue the passionate work of Gil Orbach, a dedicated and caring YAY youth mentor, who tragically passed away in 2017.

The Gil Orbach Joy Scholarship recognizes some of the similarly selfless, dedicated and caring youth for their commitment to making a difference in Toronto and York Region.